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Here's how we work and what we make.

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Everything about our process is designed around providing you with the best experience and finished videos.

Free Discovery Meeting

All new clients get started with a free discovery meeting with our team leader, Jared Bakewell. We'll get to know each other (over video call) and discuss your project. We'll create an estimate for your project and If everyone feels like it's a good fit, then we'll move forward. You can book your free discovery meeting right now. We are excited to meet with you!

Step 1


During this pre-production step, we'll get the creative juices flowing and set a strategy to make sure your project achieves your goals and is planned for success.

Step 2


Shooting your video is a fun and engaging experience where we put the plan into motion and capture the content we'll use to edit your project.

Step 3


We'll edit your video and add titles, motion graphics, color, and other polish while keeping you informed throughout the process. You'll approve drafts and then we'll deliver your finished content.

Your Video Partner

Once we've successfully delivered for you, like many of our clients, you may start to think of us as an extension of your marketing department - your video partner. We'll provide you with our rates, equipment list, and access to our calendar to book meetings and shoots. We want to make working with us as easy and rewarding as possible.

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