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Get to know us and explore if we're a good fit for you.


Bright Banner Films is a branded video storytelling production company. To say it another way, we make marketing videos. These principles guide every decision we make.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We take pride in our work and understand that the branded video content we make must impress your potential customers and represent your organization's best self. Simply put, we strive to exceed your highest expectations with the video we produce for you. 


Exceptional Value

Stretching your budget and getting the best bang for your buck is in our DNA. Everything we do from the equipment we use to the process we follow is designed for efficiency. Our efficiencies translate into delivering exceptional value for our clients. Whether it’s developing a content library that you own or producing micro content videos for social media from a longer piece, we will squeeze as much value out of your project as possible.

Teamwork Always Wins


Video production and videography are team sports. We're built for running lean, but we also have a team of video professionals ranging from animators, directors, editors, colorists, gaffers, audio techs, and more to scale up. When we say "let's create together" we mean alongside you - our valued clients, partners, and team members to produce the best video content possible.

Deliver Results

Deliver Results

We start our process by identifying the result you want to generate with your branded video project. From there, we are laser focused on making sure we achieve it. Branded video content is an investment and we want to make sure it delivers results for your organization.



Entrepreneurial Roots

Our team leader, Jared Bakewell, is a entrepreneur through and through. In each of his ventures, he found that video was the best platform for communicating with new and existing customers - so much so that he decided to expand his marketing toolkit by learning to produce, shoot, and edit videos himself.

The Spark

One of the films that Jared created for his own company caught the eye of a marketing manager at Valley Irrigation and they asked him to take on a project for them. He did. They liked it and they are still a valued client many years later. That marketing manager referred him to others and those folks referred him to more. Soon, Jared was an in-demand freelance video producer with a growing number of happy clients ranging from international companies to local non-profit organizations, relationships with some of the area's top agencies, and a cohort of the best crew and video professionals to work alongside.

Bright Banner Films Launches

As demand grew, Jared envisioned a company to reflect the friendly, yet professional experience of working with him and his team. Bright Banner Films was officially announced on August 1, 2022. So, although we might seem new, we're actually backed by years of video production expertise and two decades of entrepreneurial know-how.

Our name comes from Jared's two daughters who have middle names Brighton and Banner.


Jared Bakewell is involved in every Bright Banner Films project, so get to know him a little...

Jared Bakewell is a 6th generation Nebraskan and Omaha native. He has been involved in founding several entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, in addition to leading Bright Banner Films, he is the the co-owner and marketing director of Pink Gorilla Events, creators of the Market to Market Relay and Good Life Halfsy, two of the region's largest running events.

Jared Bakewell

He's a board game geek and game designer, musician, LEGO building maniac, and technology enthusiast. Jared is active in the community as a volunteer and has served as president of Suburban Rotary and board member of other local non-profit organizations.


However, his most cherished role is husband to his wife, Leigh, and dad to their two daughters, Liv and Elle. Spending time with them on the weekends at the family farm is his favorite thing in life.

Professionally, you're unlikely to find someone who will work harder to earn your trust and deliver results for you because Jared considers his reputation and Bright Banner Films to be intertwined.


Personally, he's not nearly as serious as he looks in this photo.

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