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Gather up the kids and sing along to The Husker Family Song!

Let's share this with all the kids in Husker Nation!



While my family was watching the Nebraska football team get beat (45-7) by Michigan on September 30, 2023, our youngest daughter, Elle (3) started to wonder why we didn't just cheer for the team that was ahead. Outraged, our older daughter, Liv (5) explained that we always cheer for the Huskers because we are Nebraskans. 

Later, Liv suggested we find a Husker kid's song to sing as a family, I think in part to help Elle find her bearings as a Husker fan. When we were unable to find one, Liv suggested we write one ourselves. So, Liv and I sat down at the piano and wrote The Husker Family Song one evening together.

We took the simple piano song to our friend, Cody Rathman, a local musician and music producer (and my bandmate in State Disco) and he helped turn it into a fully produced song. Nate Fowler generously contributed his drumming talents. I was so proud of Liv and Elle as they worked through singing their parts. Cody was an extremely patient producer.

Satisfied with the result, we reached out to Chris Gorman at Hurrdat Sports where I do video and photo work from time-to-time and he agreed to help promote the song without even hearing it first. A bold promise!

With the prospect of reaching lots of kids with our song, we arranged to attend the Husker vs. Northwestern football game on October 21, 2023 and shoot a music video. The girls had an amazing time soaking in the game day atmosphere and interacting with people as we shot the video. Liv even got to meet Herbie and Elle got to hang out with some cheerleaders. Big thanks to my brother, Jason Bakewell, who attended the game with us.

My favorite part was watching their faces light up as the huge football players walked past them in the tunnel walk. It was a great moment for me and brought back memories of my first Husker game and doing the same thing many years ago.

On Friday, October 27, 2023, less than one month from idea to completion, The Husker Family Song was released to Husker Nation with the help of Hail Varsity and Hurrdat Sports. What started as just a fun project to do with my girls is now out in the world for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy.

We hope that Husker fans of all ages can sign along! Thanks for listening!

- Jared Bakewell


Husker Family Song
Husker Family Song
Husker Family Song
Husker Family Song
Husker Family Song
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